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Antiaging Therapy

  1. Botulinium antiwrinkles for face, for head, crows feet (around eyes).
  2. Fillers for naso labial wrinkles and to increase volume of face and cheeks.
  3. Mesotherapy to give shines and elasticity to the face.

For Example:

  • Meso Lift
  • Meso Stretch
  • Oxygen-therapy
  • Stem cell Therapy

Can be done on multiple sessions in our clinic with reasonable prices.


Frequently asked questions about Mesotherapy:

What is Mesotherapy?
This is a new technique of injection in the mesoderm (under the skin) of small amount of action treatment specific for each case.

Is there side effects?
There are not at all any side effects as all the components injected are natural materials with no chemical reaction from the body.

Is it painfull?
Not at all as it is done with very special needles.

Is it a long procedure??
No the session of mesotherapy lasts between 10 to 15 minuets after; which you can go to home or work.

What about the result?
Results are excellent if we choose the good material and technique, by the way; all materials we use is French made and all our team has been trained and worked in France.

How many sessions?
Averages of sessions are between 3 to 5 sessions that can be repeated each year.

What about the cost?
The cost is affordable for everyone.

Why Choose Us

  • We are the most qualified center for Face Aesthetic medicine and Hair treatment and Hair implantation
  • We are the pioneer in Middle East region for hair implantation because: hair implantation or transplantation is done one by one.
  • We are the only official agent for Biofiber (the only certified medical artificial hair).
  • We give follow up and guarantee for patient for the whole life.
  • Excellent specialized doctors in plastic surgery and nutrition.
  • Honest and efficient techniques to have the best results for patients.

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